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  • 2019 Year in Review

    As 2020 gets rolling, Shelley and Jackie share their favorite (and least favorite) Zero Proof Book Club reads of the previous year; discuss how their recovery evolved in 2019 and how they hope it grows in 2020; and introduce a new Zero Proof: Author Interview special series. […]

  • The Biology of Desire: Why Addiction Is Not A Disease

    Shelley and Jackie discuss the disease model of addiction and why it doesn’t work, according to “The Biology of Desire.” They also share their New Year’s goals in light of the book’s explanations of finding long-term motivation without addictive patterns. […]

  • Rachel's Holiday

    Shelley and Jackie dig into the life and times of (fictional) drug addict Rachel Walsh, friendships, sex, recovery love stories, and more during their discussion of “Rachel’s Holiday.&rdquo […]

  • How to Break Up with Your Phone

    Shelley and Jackie talk through the most helpful tips and tricks for getting unaddicted to the dreaded scroll, courtesy this week’s book, “How to Break Up with Your Phone.&rdquo […]

  • JGSS - Redefining Resolution


  • JGSS Episode 048

    Justin talks about New Year's resolutions. […]

  • Recovery: Freedom from our Addictions

    Shelley and Jackie decipher Russell Brand’s grand sentences, example of modern manhood, and annoyingly charming philosophies in “Recovery,” a re-examination of the 12-step program done as only Russell Brand can. […]

  • I'm Just Happy to Be Here: A Memoir of Renegade Mothering

    “I’m Just Happy to Be Here” is a memoir that gives Shelley and Jackie giggle fits—at least when it’s not making them cringe in recognition of the author’s addiction, relapse, and self isolation in addictive mind and recovery. […]

  • JGSS - Goals Within A Lifelong Journey


  • JGSS Episode 047

    Justin talks about lifelong journeys. […]