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  • The Good House

    In the novel “The Good House,” Hildy Good hides her relapse behind her real estate success and makes a new friend—who may or may not be just what the doctor ordered. Shelley and Jackie discuss why this book was so, ahem, addicting. […]

  • 68: To Old Friends New Again


  • FemComPod: Episode 81 show notes

    This week on a Feminist and A Comedian Walk Into a Bar podcast: social media plagiarism, one-issue presidential platforms, and BK's new coffee subscription service. The post FemComPod: Episode 81 show notes appeared first on Jackie Mantey. […]

  • FemComPod Episode 081

    Jackie and Justin talk about social media plagiarism, climate change platforms, and subscription services. Cheers! […]

  • FemComPod Episode 081


  • #SundaySentence: Toni’s call to action

    For Sunday Sentence project, readers share the best sentence they’ve read during the past week. "Passion is never enough. Neither is skill." The post #SundaySentence: Toni’s call to action appeared first on Jackie Mantey. […]

  • To my thirty-third year

    Happy My Birthday! Here's my brief by meaningful to-do list for 33. The post To my thirty-third year appeared first on Jackie Mantey. […]

  • JGSS Episode 041

    Justin talks about making tough decisions. […]

  • JGSS - Making Tough Decisions


  • 67: When Things Are Always Your Fault