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MAY 2018

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Adam & Steve

by Justin Golak
The joke “Adam & Steve” from Justin Golak’s stand-up comedy album “Influenced: The Complete Edition” animated using the Windows program 3D Movie Maker.


by Justin Golak
The joke “Starter” from Justin Golak’s stand-up comedy album “Influenced: The Complete Edition” animated using the Windows program 3D Movie Maker.


by Justin Golak
Erotic photography inspired by the erotic short story Mooning from the April 2018 edition of The Affront.

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Royally Good Romp

by Charlotte Wingman
An erotic short story.

They had been married two weeks ago, but his father continued to enter their wedding chamber each evening as soon as the sun set, waiting for them just beyond the candlelit room’s heavy wooden door.

Before she entered each night, she’d run her fingers over that door’s engraving of the royal family seal and smile. If the father wanted to watch, let him. She discovered she liked feeling his eyes on them as they moved together under the sheets.

Tonight, her husband was already inside awaiting her in the bed. She didn’t look but could feel the king’s presence in the corner near the end of the bed. She untied her dressing gown and slowly slipped it over her soft milky shoulders allowing her voluptuous figure slowly be revealed. Rolling back the sheets, she lay beside her husband.

As was their routine, he climbed on top of her clumsily, continuing to refuse her eye contact. He entered her. Usually she kept her eyes closed and politely waited until he was finished but tonight, she wanted to try something new. Holding on to her husband’s shoulders, she stopped his movement and rolled him on to his back and straddled his body. She was aware that her back was now to the king and she slowly rose until she was sitting up, the silken sheets cascading down her like a waterfall, past her long brown hair.

Gyrating on top of her husband she could see the surprise on his face and a little disgust. She would never tell him one of her chambermaids had shown her how to do this, a surprising turn of events that ended with the two ladies kissing by her palace bedroom’s fireplace.

But she didn’t care. It wasn’t her husband she sought to impress right now. It was the eyes on her back that made her feel shivers in her belly. The eyes on her back, eyes that had seen men murdered and kingdoms forged, that reminded her of what the juice of a fresh peach felt like running down the curve of her sharp chin.

After some time like this, her husband’s hard body began to respond like she imagined it would, shuddering and thrusting involuntarily. This had been key to her plan, to wait until he was so close that he couldn’t resist or stop her. She wanted him to be like mud from the riverbed in her hands. Malleable and forgiving and under her complete control.

His eyes closed and his head began to roll toward the headboard. She quickly pulled herself off of him, unwrapping herself like a robe, and climbed off the bed. Kneeling on its side, as if she were saying her evening prayers she rolled him on his side and put her lips around his cock, grabbed his buttocks with one hand to shove it deeper in the back of her throat.

Not until she felt her husband’s final push and quake did she finally allow herself to look at the back of the room and lock hers hungry eyes with the king’s as she swallowed.


by Justin Golak
Erotic photography inspired by the erotic short story Royally Good Romp.

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Gear Talk – May 2018

by Justin Golak and Jackie Mantey
Justin Golak talks about gear with Jackie Mantey.


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