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APRIL 2018

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Brain, Penis, Balls

by Justin Golak
The joke “Brain, Penis, Balls” from Justin Golak’s stand-up comedy album “Influenced: The Complete Edition” animated using the Windows program 3D Movie Maker.


by Justin Golak
The joke “69ing” from Justin Golak’s stand-up comedy album “Influenced: The Complete Edition” animated using the Windows program 3D Movie Maker.


by Charlotte Wingman
An erotic short story.

The moon was still glowing high above the skyline when Johnnie woke. Marin’s bed was pushed against the picture window and the light from the city, lost in itself, framed a forgotten spotlight on her sleeping face. Hair messy. Perfect.

This was his third night staying in her condo. Earlier in the evening they had gone to the theater after getting pizza. He liked what she brought out in him, he thought, as he began to stroke her arm with the back of his hand—he made her feel safe to be himself. The kind of guy that likes greasy pizza. And theater. And… that ass. The thought of her bent over his knee as he slid off her jeans the night before made him sink deeper into her white cloud of sheets and pillows and closer to her body twisted with sleep.

He loved the way she looked back at him in those moments, with fierce and hungry eyes that would squeeze closed in pain and pleasure if he spanked her just right. He loved the sound of his hand on her fleshy bottom, how it looked clenched and gasping in his grip.

By the time it started to rain a soft symphony on the window pane, Johnnie’s lips were already making their way down her waist. Lush and eager they went to her hips. Then to her dimpled cheeks. He took a bite.

“Mmm, hello,” Marin said, moaning. “I was just dreaming there was a lion in my bed.”

Now that he knew she was awake, Johnnie deftly put one arm under Marin’s side and flipped her on to her back. “She should see this view,” he thought as his fingers stroked her soft lips and he kissed her neck, so he just as swiftly pulled her hips to the edge of the side of the bed, got on the ground, sat on his knees, and said, “Look outside.”

Marin watched the drops of silver and blue trickle down the window pane as Johnnie licked her thighs. His tongue moved with the rain, slow at first, as the sleep left her mind and thoughts of last night came clearly into view.

He had fucked her from behind while she rocked steady back and forth and watched the cars beneath the building, stopping at the red light. She liked to imagine they could see her taking all of him deeper. Faster, faster she pushed her hips back, reached her hand from her clit to his balls and rubbed her pussy-wet finger on his taint.

She remembered how he looked when he came on her back: Like a king making claim.

Now he was returning the favor, and Marin pulled his face deeper into her and wrapped her legs around his neck. His fingers dipped inside her wetness and the rain began to pound urgently on the glass. Her hips raised. Higher, higher, he sucked on her clit with his pulsing, soaked lips.

Johnnie looked for Marin’s eyes as her legs began to squeeze tighter around his head. What he saw was better than anything they could have seen on stage. The city lights, obscured and refracted by the downpour, were dancing on her hot skin. All he saw was her chin, her head tossed back in pleasure. That was his cue. Leaving one finger in her vagina, Johnny took out the other and slid it in her ass.

She roared. The moon watched.

Gear Talk – April 2018

by Justin Golak and Jackie Mantey
Justin Golak talks about gear with Jackie Mantey.


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