Justin Golak

Medium is dead.

We don’t relate to the classification of artist. So we call ourselves creators.

The term artist is too limiting. We just want to create cool shit. We want to write, record, and perform.

Creating is how we reconcile the beauty and the bullshit. And we want to share it with others.



Justin Golak’s comedy offers a brutal but thoughtful take on all the things your mom told you not to talk about in polite conversation. Delivered with just the right amount of infamous Golak charm, he’ll only leave you with a small urge to punch him in the face and a more pressing one to hear what he said again. Tapped as Columbus Alive newspaper’s 2012 entertainer to watch, Golak has taken stages across the country. If you enjoy being the thinking type who also appreciates a well-timed dick joke, this dude’s for you.


Justin Golak’s Safe Space

A Feminist & A Comedian Walk Into A Bar


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