Jackie Mantey

Medium is dead.

We don’t relate to the classification of artist. So we call ourselves creators.

The term artist is too limiting. We just want to create cool shit. We want to write, record, and perform.

Creating is how we reconcile the beauty and the bullshit. And we want to share it with others.



Jackie Mantey is a creative writer. She’s got several journalism awards in a closet somewhere, but she prefers to write memoir pieces and essays. She occasionally dips a toe into the fringes of fiction but prefers the real stuff. In a voice that is at once unflinchingly honest and unfailingly optimistic, Jackie’s work tries to calm the beast long enough to place the pain and dig out the thorn.


A Feminist & A Comedian Walk Into A Bar

Mildly Depressed Podcast


Gone, Country
Gone, Country (Back Cover)
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