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  • Introducing: #The10to10, Chicago’s favorite new summer game

    Now that SUMMMMMERRRRR 2018 has finally arrived, Justin and I came up with a game to help us get out and explore our city. Actually, just Justin came up with the game because “making life fun” is his number one contribution and responsibility to our marriage. […]

  • Happy Grease-iversary! Let’s talk about Betty “With Relish” Rizzo

    Rizzo's the only character in that whole movie given real depth. Rizzo can float in and out of being one of four parts Pink Lady and being just Rizzo. Whenever you see the other Pink Ladies not in the group, their desperation or insecurity is palpable. Rizzo though? When Rizzo's alone she's making things happen. […]

  • Art you should know: Watercolor tattoos by Amanda Wachob

    Amanda Wachob is a New York-based tattoo artist whose method gets rid of the black border around a tattoo, opening the piece up for a softer blended look with fluid lines that resemble watercolor paintings or gestural paint strokes. […]

  • 13 reasons why Janis Joplin’s song Mercedes-Benz is the perfect karaoke pick

    "Oh lord! Won't you buy meeee a Mercedes-Benz. My friends all drive Porsches. I must make amends!" […]

  • The one piece of Bourdain’s writing I keep near my desk at all times

    That Anthony Bourdain no longer is out in this world somewhere, learning, eating, meeting others, means there’s one less good and powerful voice speaking for so many of us. A good and powerful voice that was also incredibly entertaining. Here's one of my favorite examples. […]

  • My list of books to read this month

    A guide to radical self love, a graphic novel about loneliness, and an investigative report into the underworld—and upper east side—of America's opioid addiction crisis. […]

  • Words on the Street: June 12, 2018

    Words from Irving Park, Evanston, Wrigleyville, and Lafayette, Indiana. Plus, a family of geese heading to party in the park. […]

  • Learning the art of restraint

    I need to paint 20 frames for an upcoming gallery show and the thought of me, Jackie “Oh, Did I Make That Mess?” Mantey, painting anything in our small apartment's even smaller dining room nearly gives Justin a rash. So here I am, standing in my temporary Indiana studio (his mom's garage), wearing ratty clothes, my hair high in a messy bun. Before I start painting, I take a minute to look around the subdivision. […]

  • Published: Chicago Writers Association’s Write City Review

    I know this isn't a big deal, like, at all, and I’m used to seeing my journalism bylines, but having my creative writing and embroidery published is a rad new development that feels awesome and I’m totally humbled by it, as evidenced by these photos of celebrities crying. […]

  • The time I participated in a swimsuit competition

    All the contestants had to spend a grueling 30 seconds in said swimsuit walking around, basically, a circle on stage. It was all very ridiculous. However, there was one way a gal could make this experience much more fun, much less like, well, getting judged in your bathing suit by a group of strangers with your teachers in the audience: Contestants got to pick their own music. […]